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Digital X-Rays (Radiographs)

Our X-Ray System

Our digital X-ray system allows us to expose only a very localized area of the mouth with only ~10% of the strength film x-rays needed. The X-ray is on the LCD flatscreen for doctor and patient discussion within a few seconds and may be printed immediately in high resolution for other doctors offices if needed. The doctor may manipulate the image further with software tools to demonstrate problem areas, and may then provide a more detailed diagnosis.

We have invested in the Suni sensor system, which includes the thinnest and smallest sensors available, for patient comfort. We have different size sensors for youth or larger areas. Generally the first x-ray is perfect unless the sensor shifts during the procedure in which case we may simply reposition the sensor and take another.

Dr. Clark-Lowell will carefully review the X-rays diagnostically and point out any visible issues to the patient and make appropriate, conservative recommendations. The patient can then make an informed decision on what they would like to do about any problems that may occur.