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Our Computer System:

We couple the current most stable microsoft operating system with industry standard software (Dentrix) to keep exact patient records on graphical pages with complete control over your dental history, allergies, appointments, prescriptions and all other data. Everything in the office is digitized so that our procedure is patient-focused. We have streamlined the medical history process for patient convenience, so you do not have to complete additional forms upon each visit. The first form is the only one you ever need to complete. We input the data for you, then we make any necessary changes digitally as they occur and have you sign a secure digital pad to affirm the information is correct and complete.

Our photo printer provides the best quality possible for your x-rays whether we are looking at them here or sending them to a specialist.

Most importantly, our patient computers and databases are not connected to the internet in any way. This means that your personal health records are safe and secure for doctor and staff use only. For convenience we have a stand-alone internet PC entirely separate from our network for downloading updates, researching medical issues, etc.